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I'm Eliza Lynn Taylor author and freelance writer. Here you can read more about me and the works I have written.  You can read more about me on my Biography page.


While I am a freelance writer and have articles both online and in print, my primary focus is on fiction. I truly enjoy writing a good story just to get lost in. One of my primary objectives is to get the reader to feel what the charactesr are feeling so that they experience the story along with the characters. I hope I accomplish that. 


As for the non-fiction genre, if I can research it - I can write about it.  I have written articles both online and in print, and currently write for Writer Access. You can read more about my activities on my News and Announcements page.


Every month I put out a newsletter titled "Livin' in the Sticks". I call it "Livin' in the Sticks" because I have always lived out in the country, or the sticks as it has been referred. It contains links to articles that may have been published online or announcements to other printed stories and articles. I also include installments of short stories, or short-shorts, and/or product suggestions on occasion, as well as a letter to my readers. You can sign up for my free newsletter here.


I have started a blog: Eliza Lynn Taylor's You Never Know. Visit it today, because, you never know what you'll find on my blog! Since I also farm on a small scale, I also write a farming blog: Chronicles from the Cornfield


My favorite saying is: The freedom to read is the freedom to think. Keep reading; think freely!  Seriously, if you give up your freedom to read then you can't learn about the history of our nation or world. That interferes with the ability to defend your other freedoms. I am passionate about keeping our freedoms and educating of all of the world's citizens.


I am super excited to tell you about my newest project now available for your Kindle e-reader device from Amazon.com.
Codename: Cipher is the first in a series based on a central character Grant Sommers. Grant is a student of languages going for his doctorate degree at Georgetown University. He also has a hobby taught to him by his father, a former analyst for the government, breaking code. One day he thinks he sees a code in some emails he had been trying to figure out how to get to stop showing up in his inbox. When he shares the code with his father, he in turn shares it with a former colleague who tells him it's nonsense. A few days later Grant's father is dead and soon Grant finds himself on the run from would-be terrorists. Follow along as he tries to stay alive long enough stop them and keep others from dying as well. Will he succeed? Read Codename: Cipher and find out!

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I have re-released Murder So Convenient in Kindle format. Some copies are still out there in print version. I have found them on Amazon.com. 

Shawna McGreggor has a new best friend, Catherine, who has left an abusive marriage. Catherine just wants a new life without violence, but there is a serial killer in Chicago and he wants convenience store clerks which Shawna and Catherine are. Now they must use extreme caution to keep from becoming his next victim and keep Catherine's estranged husband at bay. Detectives on the case are battling store managers to keep the women safe, but most balk at the idea of safety measures. The girls get close to the detectives, one of whom, Richard Collins, falls for the beautiful Shawna. When Catherine is killed Shawna tries to help them prove who did it, but get caught in the clutches of the serial killer. Will Richard be able to save her before it's too late? Will they prove who killed Catherine? Read Murder So Convenient to find out.
Murder So Convenient now available as a Kindle book on Amazon.com - Yes, it is a new cover!

AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM ELIZALYNNTAYLOR.COM-- For quite some time now e-mails have been sent out using boggus email addresses that have my site name associated with them, the spoofer even has the audacity to use a real address of mine (probably an accident of luck). I even get copies of them myself. I assure you I DO NOT send e-mail that is unsolicited. You have to sign up for my mailing list in order to get mail from me or you have to e-mail me with a question or comment that I may respond to. The only exceptions to this would be if I were to query a publisher with a proposal for an article or a book. I apologize for any inconvenience the bogus e-mails may cause even though I am not the one who is sending them.

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